Urbanization And Its Effect On Environment

Earlier people use to live in the rural areas as they depend on agriculture for their livelihood. Slowly this is changing because of the extreme variations in the climatic conditions. Lack of abundant rainfall, unseasonal winds, and many other reasons have become the key factors for the farmers to move from rural areas. Most of the people move from villages to cities and towns. As a result, there is a drastic increase in the rise of population in urban areas. For employment, industrialization is the only solution in such cities.

To have proper accommodation and to have work for the survival the trees and plants are slowly removed from the urban areas replacing industries and massive constructions. People go for tree removal in Kwinana for removing huge trees for building the industries and other developments. So many plants have been destroying and removing for making the cities and towns. People are enjoying the facilities in these urban areas, but they are not aware of the problems that can arise due to the destruction of forests and trees for urbanization. 

The construction of huge buildings, roads, railways, industries, commercial complexes and many other things can provide the necessary revenue to the local governments and help to improve the lifestyle of the people. But by removing the greenery from the areas can harm the people. Because of the increase in the vehicles by the people, pollution is affecting the people and their health severely. The carbon dioxide levels are increasing day by day, and the oxygen levels are reducing. There is an extreme rise in the temperatures, and people cannot find a tree to have a shade to escape the heat.

Some environment lovers are fighting against these tree removal plans and are requesting the people to support them to fight against the governments in increasing the greenery in the urban areas. If the replacements continue as usual, then people have to face several problems. The issues that people have to suffer if they cannot control cutting of trees include:

• Severe pollution that can affect the health of the people

• Water pollution and lack of water levels

• Impacts the biosphere

• Changes in the fertility of the soils

• Insecure land etc.

These are only a few things that can be noticeable and there are many things that people cannot even estimate. There will be severe changes in the climatic conditions and seasons which can have the worse effect on the mankind. People should come forward to fight for the protection of nature by planting more and more trees and avoiding the removal of useful plants and trees. Everyone should be aware of the importance of plantation, and it can be very helpful in building the good future generation with pollution free environments.

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